Apex Racing Academy is the first two wheeler racing academy to be open round the year. ARA trains young riders in riding skills and develop them as competitive racing riders over a period of levels. The academy is based at Kari Motor Speedway, Coimbatore. We welcome the street riding enthusiast, newbie’s or veterans who would like to improve their riding skills, and experience the race track.

This course is all about track time, riding techniques and simply enjoying the racetrack. The staff at the Apex Racing Academy takes a lot of pride in helping each of our students personally.  They come from all different riding and racing backgrounds, but most of them are either current or former championship-winning racers. Our aim is to give you an enjoyable and memorable time. We know that you will leave us having improved your riding skills and have better knowledge of your machine and circuit.

At Apex Racing Academy, we believe that expertise and experience are 2 factors that contribute to the effectiveness of any course.

Instructors at Apex Racing Academy have been racing for over a decade in India and abroad. They have excellent communication and interpersonal skills. The trainers have trained more than 1000+ students at Apex Racing Academy.

Course development is handled by a team of expert riders who have years of experience in professional advanced riding instruction, the result can only be: exceptional and up to date.

Sameer Venugopal, Chief Instructor also known as Biker Stig is present at each one of the courses during the season. He has instructed motorcycle advanced riding techniques to over 500+ different motorcyclists at the Academy and numerous riders through online forums. our students will tell you that they have learnt more about handling a motorcycle in one day at Apex Racing Academy than they had in years of day to day riding. A usual comment: “I did not know that I could learn so much in one day. I’d strongly recommend it to any rider. And it is a blast…”

On a school day, Sameer teams up with 4 other instructors and 4 demonstrators who also possess a strong background of racing and advanced riding teaching experience. Henna, our longest serving instructor who has instructed at Apex Racing Academy since its inceptions and Sreekumar Gopinathan or better known as PONCHO, one of our most active racers, who still races in the Indian National Racing championship are a couple of examples of the unparalleled, high caliber instructors who will teach and coach you through every step of your course.


The curriculum would consist of 3 levels cover all aspects of riding and an exclusive level to learn the craft of racing called “RACE KRAFT”. It is just not limited to a racing career, anyone who wants to learn the best way to ride a bike can join the classes. Level 1 ,2 & 3 are all about serious riding techniques.

Level 1 :

This is where we start you off with basics of Riding on a bike and the Basics of Track Riding. Its all about unlearning what we’ve learnt over the years as a street rider and getting a better understanding with the bike and the track. This also include a detail track walk to understand the dynamics of a race track. Handling corners, braking are some of the key elements of  this level . Student riding would be recorded and analysed at special class at the Hotel, review of these recordings will provide the rider with better perspective of his / her riding skills. All theory sessions would be followed with corresponding drill session on track.

Level 2 :

A quick revision of lessons learnt in L1 followed by interactive session with the instruction. Level 2 session would include advance learning of corners and related topics followed by session on vision, Counter steering, quick turn are the next session, last session would be basics of body positioning and its aspects. As usual all theory classes will be followed by corresponding drills on track. Instructors & Demonstrators will be there to guide throughout the Classroom and track sessions

Level 3 :

Revision of level 2 on track  followed by advance body position, techniques of passing in corners (race legally and safely) , techniques of passing using  non conventional racing lines, late braking techniques are some of the key points taught in level 3, This level also includes race start procedure and race start techniques, although this is an optional session for riders.

Race Kraft

Not for the average Tom, you’ve have to be a class apart, another breed and in some cases reborn again, Only then will you stand a chance to get a piece of the action. Our Instructors will personally hand pick the students for the class and you should also have the course completion certificate from Apex Racing Academy.

Bikes and Gear

If you are unsure if you want to ride your bike on the track, you have a great opportunity to ride some of the best motorcycles on the road today. The Apex Racing Academy has a fleet of race ready R15 motorcycles which are available for rent. These bikes are agile, comfortable and confidence inspiring to every rider. We have found them to be a perfect bike to acquaint yourself to the racetrack with. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to try one of these incredibly enjoyable machines and to add to all this excitement there is a fleet of the RC 390’s and Ninja 300’s will be shortly arriving which will be available on rent for Level 2 and Level 3 students.

Open Track Sessions

So if you’ve done your training and you’re ready to go out on the track on your own, this is just for you. Suit up and come down to the track and ride your heart out !! Applicable to all students who have completed a Track Motorcycle Riding Course at any of the recognised premier academies.

Group Events

If you are looking for an out-of-the-box special event for your valued clients/group/club you have come to the right place !! Apex Racing Academy is the only school in India to offer this unique and exhilarating experience using a race track to learn about you and your bike and to do it solely with your group.

Discover the thrill of feeling one with your bike on our 2.2 Km road course track at Kari Motor Speedway. Real-time coaching from professional racing instructors will have you trained and accustomed to riding your bike more confidently lap after lap in a fun and safe environment. Our trained staff of professionals make the experience easy and accessible to all our Students.

Group events start at 15+ Riders and we can accommodate up to 20 for the weekend. Make sure your next group or corporate event is not forgotten! Apex Racing Academy provides a truly unique and exciting activity for your group. Perfect for Client Retention,Team Building, Incentives and more!! Looking for an alternative to the typical boring get togethers and events ?? You’re at the right Place !!