Anil Kumar S Founder Apex Racing Academy

aniInformation Security professional by nature decided to switch career by moving into motorsports as racer and then followed up as an official in Indian National Championship.

He formed Apex Racing academy in the year 2010 with an objective of providing quality riding skills training. He is well versed with sporting and technical regulations of FMSCI and FIM. He currency FIM Steward/ CoC license. He has successfully conducted 68 academy sessions in the past 7 years.

Sameer Venugopal – Co Founder and Chief Instructor

samBy profession Sameer is software techie, by passion an avid rider and racer.

Some of Sameer’s achievements as racer :-

  •  2007 – MRF Road Racing Challenge – Champion in the RD350 class.
  •  2008 – National Champion – Indian National Road Racing Championship Group D 165cc.
  • 2008 – Champion in the Yamaha R15 championship expert class.
  • 2009 – 4th overall – National Championship, 600cc super sport category on Yamaha R6.

Henna Mulleth -Level 1 to Level 3 Instructor

hennahHenna is been in multiple National races and has been training students at the level 1 classes of Apex Racing Academy since its inception. He is an avid athlete participating in Marathon’s and other fitness programs. He is also the fitness expert at Apex Racing Academy. Henna also trains riders on communication skills with respect providing bike feedback to tuners.

Henna’s Racing achievement :-

  • He has won multiple Drag events across the country.
  • Constantly placed in the top 10 for a number of the marathons across the country.
  • Participated in the One make categories at the Indian National championship.

Ananth Krishnan  – Level 1 & Level 2 Instructor

Ananth Krishnan better known as AK47, an IT professional, first joined Apex Racing as a student hoping to learn how not to kill himself on his new super bike. He quickly made a mark for himself on the track, and was invited to join the faculty training program at Apex Racing Academy as a demonstrator, and growing over the years to become a Instructor to handle Level 1 and Level 2.

At 43, Ananth actively participates at the national level, and has won multiple national podiums.A

Ananth’s Racing achievement :-

  • Multiple Indian National Championship podium finishes
  • Champion in FJRS 2018 series
  • Participated in the Yamaha One make categories at the Indian National championship.

 Akaksh Dingare – Instructor Level 1 & level 2

Akaksh Dinagare by profession is an Automobile content developer and runs a successful Automobile content development company “KLINTOE Media”, he has been racing for close to 6 years in various National Championships and is an 2013 batch Graduate of Apex Racing Academy.

Highlights of Akaksh Dingare’s racing career :-

  • 2013 Graduate of Apex Racing Academy
  • 2013 Yamaha National champion
  • 2013 Runners up Indian National Championship 165cc
  • 2014-15 – Multiple podiums and second runners up in 250CC category

Aditya Devbagthuni – Instructor Level 1 Guest Instructor

Aditya is an IT professional, married father of one who also leads a second life in his garage with his motorcycles. Aditya loved being on two wheels from a very young age and this obsession took form when he bought his first motorcycle. He started touring with his club and found his passion for track riding at Madras Motorsports Race Track and Kari Speedway, occasionally racing and taking part in rallies. Aditya has ridden motorcycles across India, Europe and parts of USA. Riding in the Himalayas, around the Nürburgring and up the Transfargasan highway are his personal favorites.

Aditya has been involved with Apex Racing Academy from inception and is a guest instructor for Level 1. Risk averse otherwise, occasionally he is known to be reckless by competing in motorcycle races that require way more skill than his (lack of) talent would permit

Highlights of Aditya’s racing career since  2009 :-

  • 22009 – TVS one make cup winner
  • 2009 – National Championship, Hill Climb events, Rally de Bangalore,
  • 2011 – Raid De Himalaya and
  • 2017 – Baja1000.

He has finished 4th in his class more than 4 times across disciplines. His uncanny ability to somehow cross the finish line remains his favorite boast. Aditya currently rides a BMW F800GS and a S1000RR

Aditya Rao Immaneni – Demonstrator

Aditya Rao is Dental Doctor by profession. An apex Racing academy 2015 batch graduate  he has been racing for last 3 years in various National Championships.

Highlights of Aditya Rao Immaneni racing career :-

  • 2015 Graduate of Apex Racing Academy
  • 2016 Honda CBR 150 multiple podiums
  • 2017 Indian National Championship 165cc multiple podiums
  • 2018- Indian National Championship – Runners up

Faraz S – Demonstrator

Faraz S a professional from Real Estate Industry and Apex Racing Academy 2015 batch graduate. He has been racing for last 3 years in various National Championships.

Highlights of Faraz S racing career :-

  • 2015 Graduate of Apex Racing Academy
  • 2016 KTM Cup- Duke 390 Champion
  • 2017-18- Indian National Championship

Avinash Rao – Demonstrator

aviAvinash by profession is an senior Thermo Dynamics scientist and has been working for over 8 years, he has been racing for close to 7 years in various National Championships and is also involved in the research & development of bike’s for the Apex Racing Team.

Highlights of Avinash’s racing career :-

  •  Trained for 3 years from Yamaha Motor Racing, Japan.
  • Participating in Indian National Championship for over 7 years.