Apex Racing Academy was established in the year 2011 by a few motorsport enthusiasts in India with a vision to promote motorsports among younger generation. The team has been involved individually in various aspects of motorsports for over a decade, Including racing in India National Championship for two wheeler’s, providing support to various racing organizers. We have completed 4 years of academy sessions this year, with over 1000 alumni students from various parts of the country.

Apex Racing India is proud to present its 2 Wheeler track racing & riding academy. The only round the year racing academy in India covering all aspect of riding & racing including the rules / Regulations framed by Federation of Motor Sports Clubs of India. Apex Racing Academy offers a professional racing environment for beginning and seasoned riders alike – all centered around increasing the “fun factor” in a safety-conscious atmosphere.

If you’re ready to roll, the Apex Racing Academy is the place to begin. You’ll start off in the classroom, where the certified Academy coaches introduce you to your bike and teach you the basic safety aspects involved. Apex Racing Academy is the nation’s top choice for motorcycle education. Whether you have never touched a motorcycle, or you have been riding for years with or without your endorsement, this is the school for you! Also this is your ramp to enter the exciting racing career all around the globe.


While the racetrack is our classroom, the Apex Racing Academy is not a racing school. We think of it as a couple of miles of asphalt without cars and other distractions. We have a fleet of Yamaha R15’s for students to rent or riders can bring their own bike of ANY brand!.

Our ultimate goal at the Apex Racing Academy is to create more confident and safer riders. Each class is limited to 15 – 17 students to allow for more personal attention by our championship winning instructors. The students are taught the basics of visual skills and throttle control, which sounds elementary, but if you attend our two-day Level 1 training with the right approach for even the basic things that we teach, you’ll become a much better, more confident and safer rider. What makes our championship winning instructors the best in the country is performing the basics at near perfection. In other words, by attending Apex Racing Academy, we guarantee that, you will learn a lot. We may not make you a world champion (but then again, who knows, we might!) but we certainly will pass along a lot of the skills and knowledge that we developed over years of riding. Apex Racing Academy is designed for riders with zero knowledge of riding to an expert rider on the track through various levels(L1, L2, & L3). Whether you’re a recent learner with just a year or more of riding experience or you’re already an accomplished racer.
Apex Racing Academy can teach you the skills to become a more confident, safer and faster rider.

By limiting our class size to no more than 15 – 17 students per batch, the academy isn’t the most widely attended school in the country, but It’s part of what makes us the best. Students learn at a pace that matches their ability and comfort levels, both in the classroom and on the course. It also allows our demonstrators to ensure that you get plenty of one-on-one track instruction under the watchful eyes of our helpful instructors/demonstrators. As an additional learning incentive, we have an on-board camera to record the students riding activity and train them using these videos, which will help them learn from their mistakes on track, and correct themselves. Thus, we’ll teach you a lesson, you’ll never forget.

The Key elements of the Apex Racing Academy :

  • Performance oriented training.
  • Specialized in racing techniques.

We are dedicated to helping the new rider learn the basic skills necessary for a successful racing career, as well as tutoring the experienced racer who needs the competitive edge to get to the front of the grid and we also welcome the street riding enthusiast who would like to improve their everyday riding skills and experience the race track in a non-racing environment.